Cartifact Gallery of Jan Smits

(original release: 11 October 1999, 589 items, June 2015)

A PHENOMENOLOGY OF CARTIFACTS [Essay] (updated till March 2015)

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Post are part of the Post-collection


AFRICA Canary Islands [Islas Canarias] Egypt [Misr al-Arabiya] Kenya Suid-Afrika [South-Africa] AMERICA


Canada United States of America AMERICA (CENTRAL)

Bahamas Netherlands Antilles (Nederlandse Antillen) Jamaica Panama AMERICA (SOUTH)

Argentina Brazil [Brasilia] ASIA

Cambodia [Kampuchea] China [Zhongguo] Indonesia Japan [Nippon] Nepal Tibet Thailand Vietnam AUSTRALIA & POLYNESIA

Australia Fiji New Zealand Tahiti et Mooréa EUROPE

Austria [Österreich] Belgium [België] Cyprus Finland [Suomi] France Germany [Deutschland] Greece [Hellas]
Ireland [Eire] Italy [Italia] Luxembourg The Netherlands [Nederland] Norway Portugal Russia Scandinavia Spain [España] see also Canary Islands [Islas Canarias] Switzerland United Kingdom

There are some other cartifact pages available on the Internet, though at the moment there seems to be a somewhat predominant interest of Dutchmen in this field, at least for providing their collecting fury on the Web:

Odd, unusual, distorted, satirical, fraudulous and more of these kind of maps can be found at:


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